Lasertag Rates


Come and play a game of Lasertag in the Angry Puppy Lasertag Arena.  You will definitely get a great work-out and you will have fun with family and friends.
All equipment provided.

Costs of Games:

1 Game    =    $5.00    Per Person
2 Games    =    $9.00    Per Person
3 Games    =    $13.00    Per Person


Any games 4 and over will be converted to the hourly rate of $15.00 per person.
Parties Available

There are various party rates and hourly rates.  Most depends on how many players involved.  Along with our birthday party rate,  Sahara Pizza has included some special rates for pizza and all.


2 Players: $30   4 Players: $60  6 Players: $90  7-10 Players: $100


Any party wishing to play for more time, each hour will be half price of the first hour.


The party package only includes the vests and laserguns to play with and the use of the "party" room. I do not provide anything else. You provide paper plates, plastic forks, knives, and spoons, and napkins. Any cake for party is yours too. I do have a partnership with Sahara Pizza where I can get you the 25% off by having your party here.