Make Mad Dawg Paintball and Airsoft Store

Mad Dawg Paintball started in June 2004.  Over the years since then I have tried to keep all the different markers I could in the store.  In the later part of 2008 when the economy took a dump, sales of paintball equipment started to decline quite drastically.  So, if I do not have a marker in stock, usually I can get them.  Some of the big paintball companies, like JT USA, WGP, Brass Eagle, Viewloader, etc., have been sold or gone out of business.  Therefore, it is quite hard to get some of the items from those companies.


We will do what we can to locate an item.  If there is a special order requested and it costs over $100, then we require 50% of the cost up front.  This is a sign of good faith in your purchasing the item from us.